1. S

    Arcane - The Fallen Castle - Speed Creation

    Hi guys, had to whip this sucker up fast took around 4/5 days of work. Theres still "ALOT" that needs doing, I'd like to add some fx shaders, uvmap the walls again, ambience, decals, props and eventually some higher detail geometry and sharper textures. But for now I'm outta time, if people want...
  2. S

    Hyrule Castle

    Someone should make a good Hyrule castle and other places like that since there is a link model being made
  3. Denz

    Castle map Release!!!

    Finaly after 74 years im releasing my first map CASTLE;D If u want it u can have it on tommorow;D if u want pics they r here: ps:some updates r in like hiden arena;D and tha pic is little but BLAH! dl it its not huge!
  4. E

    hen_castle test and feedbak thread and unforgiven fix

    yeah. i decided to make a new thread on this so ppl can request for maps, and send sum feed bak on hen_castle. also for unforgiven map. i'm gonna recompile it and also pile in the background then send as packaged to spin. so stay tuned.