1. Mkilbride

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 canceled & GSC closing. Was never...
  2. sub

    Stargate Atlantis Canceled, new show greenlit

    Just when I was starting to not hate Atlantis, they go and cancel it. The show will end with Season 5, but their making a movie to close the show up. They green lit a new show, called Stargate Universe, premise is like lost in space / star trek. To quote the news article I read this from...
  3. G

    african debts canceled

  4. X

    Chrono Break Canceled?

    Just read this a few minutes ago, for those who are interested:
  5. S

    Android 17 and 18

    First of all , my first post so Hiya all :) Iv been looking around for a good android 17 and 18 model , after hours of reading on the forum and looking around i found a model of #17 (still gotta test it) , and talk about a Android Pack been made by -S-Bolt--, but that threat was from a...