1. Phobius

    Demonoid blocks Canadian Traffic!

    This was interesting news indeed and surprised nobody wrote about it yet. Anyways sometime Saturday went to log into demonoid and got this error "We received a letter from a lawyer represeting the CRIA, they were threatening with legal action and We need to start blocking Canadian traffic...
  2. Barney's_Soul

    Want to buy a new rig for $1000 Canadian or less!

    Read the title. So yeah I want to get a new rig for $1000 or less Canadian dollars. Also do you guys suggest I wait until the geforce 8 seriers are released or not?
  3. D

    Canadian West Coast Servers

    By any chance anyone here know about Canadian west coast servers? I can't seem to find one, all the servers I see are ATLEAST 150 latency. The lowest ping I've gotten is 100 =/ Are there any west servers? If not, someone should really make one :)
  4. S

    Canadian Online video game rentals

    This is a question to most of the canadians out there. Do you know any good online game rental sites. I tried gamefly and it was only US. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Optimus Prime

    Proud to be canadian!

    This is what Jean Chretian (Canadian Prime Ministet) said when he was asked what kind of proof he needed to see in order to support searching for stockpile weapons/war in Iraq. "A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It's a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's...
  6. owa

    100% Canadian!!!!

    I am very surprised no one posted this, so I will. --- Team Canada beat the sweds in a 4 on 4 overtime winner on sunday. It was great and very stressful. Anyways I'm canadian and I'm very pleased with our country lol, anyways so who were you guys cheering for and what do you think about...
  7. I

    Just wondering...

    What is a good animation program? i've been wanting to make my own for a long time.