1. A

    please help, this is buggin the hell outta me

    u know the "maxplayers" command? well mine is stuck at 32, which causes immense lag when so many people are on at once... i tried to change it in-game.. it said it couldnt while the server was running, ok fine.. so i disconnect the server, open console and type "maxplayers 8", then when i run...
  2. KilledWithStyle

    Music player buggin out

    The mp3 player isnt playin. I did what I could think of. From checking the playlist and to see if the music was there, to banging the hard drive with magnetic speakers (j/k). But the mp3 player is just not playin. Could anyone help me with this.
  3. E

    CS Vegeta, Paikuhan, PT Gohan and Tien....

    just a few newish models alot of them are old just i revamped them and finished them off, gohan is new tho gohan is for SOS, the rest are for EF Pre-Teen Gohan http://dynamic5.gamespy.com/~sos/forum/attachment.php?s=&postid=31237...