1. G

    Bryce Tuts

    Hey all long time no see. I am tring to get back into making sigs and abstract art and have got my Photoshop and bryce but i have forgotten how to use bryce!! Could some1 show me a very good tut or a web site to help me please. And yes i have looked at some of the tuts in the sticky but cant...
  2. D

    Need Bryce Tutorials

    I just "got" Bryce 5....and I was wondering if someone could give me links to good starting tutorials....and also cool, *****in lookin ones like the ones Kuabara made, and the ones many other people make. Thnx in advance
  3. Prozac

    My First Bryce work

    Hi ppl well seeing some great work from spectre I got kinda interested in Bryce so I bought the software and tried some stuff out made it a little forum friendly... just click the link Love to hear what you ppl think but go easy...
  4. Alteh

    Bryce or Terregen ?

    Hey everyone i was wondering wich was better Bryce or Terregen. Also if they are the same can terregen do the same stuff as Bryce?
  5. Snow

    First wallpaper

    Well I made a cool render in 3dsmax so I decided to make it a wallpaper, the 2d might be bad they are my first, this is my 3rd 3dsmax project: What you think?
  6. Death The Jedi

    Galactic Tornado

  7. Death The Jedi


  8. Shuyin

    Forum Banner *Request*

    Ok, i have a forum And we need a decent banner. I can make an ok one, but ive seen some real talent here and i thought one of you might be up for making one. Instructions : The banner must be 600 x 100 pixels and no more. The image has no specific theme, but must contain the...
  9. Suh Dude

    latest bryce work

    Crits are welcome
  10. TeKNiK

    latest bryce render

    Ok I dont usually show my bryce work on here but i think this turned out kinda nice... cant think of a good name for it though :S what do all you guys think..
  11. Death The Jedi

    Plan Of Attack

    Version 2.. come on people. 10 veiws, no responses?
  12. A

    Rendering help.

    Just wondering, is thier anyway I can open something in bryce, that I made in milkshape, so i can render it? o_o :confused:
  13. X

    Seeking Truth

    Wopz! I think im on a spree!!!! This one is for a GFX Battle on PFX Forum. Name: Seeking Truth Program: Adobe Photoshop Picture: Girl from INeT Time: 2½ hour Experience: 2 years The round circle thing isent really good i know ;) Critz are welcome :D
  14. 1_heart_boobies

    what is Bryce 5?

    i saw it on, the one tutorial with the 3-d machanical bug thing..
  15. Suh Dude

    My latest Arts

    Fresh From PhotoShop Fresh From Bryce This time i don't have my name on these cuz im lazy
  16. Suh Dude

    material for bryce?

    anyone got a custom one that i can use for my abstract art?
  17. ultrassj_vegeta


    abstract minimalistic piece... basically.. just another bryce render.. only its plain.... but i like it this way...
  18. Demi-Shadow

    My first Bryce piece

    I've made a few before but this is my first one I actually tried on. I'm happy with the results, took about 20 minutes to make and about 5 to render it. comments? Click here to view it
  19. Death The Jedi


    My 3rd bryce image.. kinda odd.. I know, it's my least favoirte out of the 3 I've made.. but whaddya think?
  20. Death The Jedi

    Melted Soul

    Its my second work in Bryce, and yes, I know the font sucks. If anyone can point me in the direction of some fonts that go well with this picture.. please do so.