1. D

    FireFox (or maybe all my browsers)

    Firefox is taking forever to load up things, even the forum takes like 25secs+ to load the main page.... it's ridiculus, is thier anything i can do? just loading this little comment box is taking 152 secs+ would prefetching on my fasterfox help? ugh, i cant stand it.
  2. SSFT

    Free web browsers

    My internet explorer is messing up, What is the best free internet browser?
  3. OubliezJe

    Check out my latest picture :)

    Check out my latest logo my logo For ES :)
  4. TehMuffinMan

    >>>frieza saga goku!!!<<<<<

    thats right, here he is, goku! copy the images into your browser to see the wonder! and what youve been waiting for, The file!!! hope u enjoy it. and if u...