1. grOOvy

    Apple iPad Anyone going to get one of these? I'm thinking about getting the low-end one for my Mum as a computer to use around the house. She currently uses a thinkpad from work, so this might be a more exciting and simple way to browse the web and check email.
  2. F

    i got HL2 and i can't installl the game when i reach browse.

    need help i can't instal i got steam and HL2 i don't HL1 but i can't install the game when i'm reaching browse help !!!!!!!
  3. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Ways to browse from work...

    I want you all to help me go around my company's internet security measures. Here's the deal: Normally I'm a stickler for the rules, but my work has recently imposed some COMPLETELY unfair rules on me and my coworkers, one of which SEVERELY limits the amount of time we can spend. My job at the...
  4. V

    ESF only launches Steam Browse Games

    Hi, Im new here. I tried installing ESF on steam, and it now shows up in my list of games under third party games, but upon double clicking on it, it doesnt launch the game, it just opens a window for Steam Browse Games, with the offers to buy HL and HL2 and stuff. Can anyone please help me...
  5. M

    Need Good Ssj Trunks Model!!

    :cry: Can anyone make a good model of ssj trunks for me? I think the long hair is kinda..... off :p And can Goku go ssj4 in DBZ? I'm such a DBZ n00b.
  6. B

    Help!!!! Please Help Me!

    Guys i need to know how to use the fonts of this website it says u can D/L em but i dont know where to place em in on my computer to get them to work :cry: Can 1 of you ESF guru's please tell me please thanks guys i wub you all :rolleyes: