1. ZuL

    Guide me to the completion of my USSJ Broli...

    Now, here are two fairly recent pictures of the Broli so far, smooth and celshaded renders. I'm both in need of good crits and a GOOD DRAWOVER for the arms, both front and back. I've seen plenty of...
  2. S

    Sounds for a model

    Does anyone know where i can get some sounds for broli cause i just finshed editing 1 and im trying to add new sounds
  3. Bryggz

    I made ussj brolly's hair, give comments

    hey guys i love brolly but honestly im sick of seeing all the crap hair on the brolly models, and since im trying to make saiyans looks the best they can i been workin on hair, and thanks to mr smos advice i took a crack at brollys, give crits click here
  4. M


    when I downloaded new model characters like Goten, i put it in da model/player file.but when i started playing da game it Goten didnt appear in da selection character screen.What do i do?
  5. T

    Broli- remodel and reskinned

    Heres a Broli model i reskinned and modeled some I did it in 30 mins total expect a release today or tommrow i just gotta fix the red cloth and compile it model goes to fanmanterrors ussjtrunks
  6. C

    broli sig

    Can someone make me a sig of broli? i'd like one where he's like standing up strate and like you scroll down and you see krillin.....who only come's up to his boot.... :devgrin:
  7. D

    Broli in possible avatars

    Heres a question that puzzled me? Why do u have Broli as an avatar if you are stopping the game before gt.
  8. B


    NoOdLeS and I want to try to design Broli but we dont have the model designer where can we download it ?
  9. H

    red saiyan broli :*)

    red saiyan broli im gonna make him as a esf skin