1. Damaera

    Tenchi Bridge (Map for NNK) [WIP]

    Okay, so instead of posting my progress in my other thread, I'll create a separate thread just for the map I'm working on. So basically what I'm working on is a map for NNK, called Tenchi Bridge. It's the place where Naruto, Sakura, Tenzo, and Sai met Kabuto and Orochimaru. I've redone the map...
  2. Deman

    Jumper Pushed from Bridge Apparently this particular bridge has to be closed because of this kind of thing. People started doing it for media attention and such, and the bridge is one of the highest traffic...
  3. Rocky

    SLI Bridge

    So I put my computer together last week and everything was going wonderful, that is until I realised that I was missing the bridge to connect my two 8800GT's together. I checked the card manuals themselves and it explicitly states "Supplied by your motherboard". Fair enough, I say as I go to...
  4. Zeonix

    Best Bridge Ever

    Collapsed and injured 12 people while being built by Dare Devil.
  5. Y

    [WIP] Tazuna's Bridge

  6. S

    ST: Bridge Commander - A Video ;)

    Well, Majin_You and I had a little ruffle in Bridge Commander today. I recorded several videos, but have only compressed and uploaded one atm. Note, this was his third ship against my one and only Sovereign. (This...
  7. S

    Star trek: Bridge Commander Fights - Let's Go!

    If you'd like to engage in ST:BC fights, just post here with your ship's name and class. 2 Max of any ship type. This will be in ST:BC 1.0. Sovereign Class U.S.S. Sovereign-B
  8. DragonDude

    Suspension Bridge Prefab

    Yeah, I was bored enough to make a prefab. It's more productive than playing games when you're bored, I guess. ^_^ I was going to make a map featuring the bridge, but I just couldn't get around to it. I didn't want to let the bridge go to waste though, so I'm setting it free into the community...
  9. TehMuffinMan


    first... the story.. tetsuo is a boy from an anime called akira. he underwent some crzy experiments and started going insane, he had amazing powers, he could fly, crush people by looking, ect, anyways... seeming on how l33t he is i felt i needed him in esf... so i tryed.. i succeeded in...
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