1. VideoJinx

    Bouncing and a NEW HIT

    Ok this edit will clear things up.. sorry about that.. Basic melee(kick) - Right click and fly into someone to do it. Effects: the other player takes damage and is knocked back.. the player then recovers in mid air.. New basic melee hit(Bash) - Double click and hold right click and fly...
  2. Mccdbz5

    Bouncing off the floor bug

    Well, just recently, I have found a bug where if someone comes up behind you and knocks you on the floor to where you are laying down, and you didn't hold space bar to jump off. Well, if you do, press space bar right after your hit and you'll fly off the floor in that laying down position...
  3. X

    Bouncing off teh walls :p

    I dont know if its been suggest before. But dont care :p Anyway, Hows bout youcan avoid getting thrown into the wall everytime someone sends you flying toward it? Same goes for the ground. It'd be like a sort of a Counter-Tackle attack... Ya know how when gokou would get thrown into the wall...
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