1. IFlip92

    Kill Count Bonuses/Death Count Bonuses

    As the Thread Title says, would it be possible to implement a sort of Call of Duty kill/support streak bonus system. Or have some sort of milestones per game that grant you bonuses? I think it would be quite fun to have something like Person x gets 10 kills -> receives 0.5 speed bonus. Person y...
  2. D

    tier bonuses

    i may have suggested or had this discussed before, but... Tier Transformations: certain characters have special transformations that only lasted for a very limited time, and because of that they werent really considered for 1.3. my suggestion is that we make these specific...
  3. Shuyin

    ESF 1.3 Map Bonuses?

    I was thinking how 1.3 might take a bit longer to transform, and how the maps could be more intresting. Room Of Sprit And Time (rosat) Gain 50PL a second all the time you fight on this map. Since the map is very empty, pl gain gives you a reason to wanna choose it. Snake Way For...