1. Killface

    Nuclear bombs used to bring down WTC?

    Now i've heard of conspiracy theories.. but this is ridiculous. There are theories about two small hydrogen bombs used to bring down the towers. I'm not trying to pull a Jynx here, but i felt this was too interesting to just leave in the Video...
  2. kenny-DK

    Atomic bombs

    Here's a music vid about atomic bombs I made over the last 2 weeks, please rate:) Enjoy!
  3. -{VC}-EsKiMo

    sprit bombs..

    i have a seggusting that the sprit bomb sould get stronger with your pl getting stronger
  4. MaX

    i get this error when i compile ESF Models

    \/18.smd not found. where it shows the stuff its compiling ya know. :( and it only happens on ESF models. please help me.:cry: and it stops the compile...
  5. V


    Hey, everybody, don't you think you should continue working on your models and not get them hosted until 1.1 is out otherwise you will have to reanimate
  6. B

    ape_city complete!

    Well I finished it here is the link to the downloads it will be up on redsaiyan later also but for now the download is off our site. Send me a PM of what you thought of it ;)
  7. L

    Fun With Spirit Bombs

    Ok... Geocities pisses me off... I double checked the urls I had for the imgs, and they were all correct...and it would be a lot better if I could just put the pics here, but for some reason it's not working. Oh well... just follow the link for the pics. I labeled paragraphs that correspond with...
  8. S

    My Old-School 1337 F-23 With Rockets! WIP

    Here u go its for Solar War marine 2 its a game In work for the Model its for a map and/or a Intro movie of the game First pic Second