1. john_volkov

    Buu's Bodypart attack

    I was just wondering why isant buu's bodypart attack working in esf 1.2.3 it has his animation, sprits models all why is it dissable
  2. E

    PLUGIN: Bodypart FIX

    This plugin actually gives Buu his bodypart, which is already implemented in ESF 1.2.x, but it actually isn't given to him. This will fix that, Buu will have his bodyparts on attack list. INSTALLATION: Copy the two folders from rar directly into ESF folder and add the name of plugin into...
  3. The Taco Man

    Majin Buu's bodypart

    i notcied there were models for it in the model direcotry, but every time i load up ESF it tells me there is a problem with buu_bodypart. Is it meant to be in this build or is it just something that never quite made it in? Please tell me whats going on, long time fan here (points at join date)
  4. Hellhound

    Buu bodypart attack?

    Well I don't know where to post it, so I though Help would be the right place. I wan't to knwo how do you use buu bodypart attack? Please reply quickly
  5. S

    Bodypart attack?

    How do you do buus bodypart attack? I cant figure it out. LOL
  6. M

    Buu's Bodypart

    Heyzz If i recall correctly Buu should have gotten Bodypart in this release ( outline thingy ) and he doesn't , so here is what i did , i started ti play with Buu and checked out all his moves , and i noticed "bodypart" wasn't there then i checked Buu's class and the move wasn't in the list...
  7. P

    buus bodypart

    ok how will body part work like is it an attack or is it part of melee and if its an attack how will it work will buus arm stretch and grab ur enemy and hold him there or will it bring the enemy 2 u? or will u b able 2 slam him at walls or stuff like dat
  8. darknavigator

    About Buu's bodypart attack

    If you still dont know how to implement this into the game, I have a suggestion: 1st idea: Must be transformed Acts like a projectile move (Big bang, Finish buster) NO blast radius One hit kill(?) -------------------- 2nd idea: Must be transformed Acts like a...
  9. M

    help with milkshape!!!!!!!

    when ive have reskinned a model and it is done when i wants to compile my modelwhen it commes to ref_control_bodypart it stops and then milkshape is going dead whyy i need help i was sopussed to release that model reskin !!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry:
  10. G

    Buu Bodypart Attack

    I was looking at a new model with hlmv, and i was looking at his animations. So i scroll all the way down to the last animation. What do I see.... ref_aim_bodypart ref_shoot_bodypart O_o What's the deal?
  11. Cold Steel

    Buu's bodypart attack

    How does buu's bodypart attack work?I've seen it will be added in the BETA 1.1 patch so i would like to have a little info. on it.