1. J-Dude

    3DSMax 7 Biped: ...Okay, wtf? Help!

    Let me cut right to the chase here. I use 3dsmax 7, and I like using the biped skeletal system for characters because it's convenient and also because it's the only way I can keep hands or feet planted in one spot while the rest of the body moves. However, Biped also tends to seriously piss...
  2. M

    Modeling Questions

    sup peeps, I have some questions about modeling in Milk Shape 3D. Ive just started to actually try to make a model (which I never did before). 1) Do you have to use the Half Life bones or do I have to create my own? 2) I know this might sound like a stupid question but, am I supposed to...
  3. G

    KLICK ME !

    Ok ppl, i only want to post advanced animators here 'cause i got a question of which i couldnt find the answer here and out the web :rolleyes: me wants to know if the 3dsmax biped/skeleton is compatible to be exported to smd format or 3ds format (modlers know what i mean) aswell. @any...
  4. W

    ESF Model Skeletons

    I decompiled the Gohan model to take a look at the skeleton. I must say, its a tad, uh, bulbous. Do you modelers out there actually use the big skeleton as a reference base or do you make your own for the model?