1. Mr. Satans

    Another Beamjumping Suggestion

    I feel it is very ridiculous to be able to fire a beam, twirl it around in spirals and even have it land facing your right and THEN be able to have it PUSH you backwards! The ESF team should either make the push relative to the direction the beam lands OR only allow jumps that are made with...
  2. KidMan


    Easy way to stop people from beamjump spamming, you can only beamjump with generic beams, no signature moves because in the show they never did. If they did it was only once or so. With Signature moves, you can not beam jump, they just blow up on the ground like Ball attacks do. Its fair, its...
  3. Shuyin


    A quick a simple suggestion... Make beamjumping take up **** loads of ki! At the moment it can launch you so far across the map at the fastest speed, and for next to no ki cost! Not to mention you can recharge when you get to the otherside and pretty much do it all day >_<
  4. Quicksilver


    Hey All.... i try Some of the BeamJumping and i found some Really Good things about it.... if You Use it and hit and enemy thay will be pushed by the beam and if thay then hit a wall will thay loss ALOT of Life..... TRY IT OUT!!! :)