1. ZeroNightmare

    Starwars Battlefront II

    whats up? anyone play, i enjoy the game. I'm gonna log on, i'll be using the name shin_zero if anyone wants to play. games pretty cool, land battles, space battles, heroes, vehicles, lots of classes and weapons, check it out. i'm talkin about the ps2 version my self, appearently the xbox...
  2. A

    Starwars Battlefront II

    Viewing the images at IGN right now. Looks like you can be more then one hero now, haha.
  3. TimTheEnchantor

    Stars Wars: Battlefront

    No comparing it to the movies please..just tell me if you think that the gameplay will be rockin or do you think it will bust? Your opinions please. Do not compare this to the movie or any other game not in it's genre. You can compare it to BF:1942 but since they are reallly different in...
  4. C

    Star Wars Battlefront

    New game ive been checkin out, anybody gonna get it? Comes out 21st. Its a new multiplayer Star wars game with Battlefield 1942 type fighting. Its between this and Sims 2 for me.. I can get 1 game.. Anybody got any ideas for me? What would you pick, sims 2 or battlefront. I hated the...