1. Fusion

    Batch Compiler problem

    Hey guys. I start to use Hammer Editor again for making maps but the problem is, i forgot the settings from batch compiler. Can anyone help me with those settings?
  2. M

    Another Batch of Movies Pulled by YouTube

    Summary: Two guitar teachers who became famous/well-known for their instructional videos on YouTube had most of their videos pulled. Apparently a lot of the songs they taught how to play were copyrighted. Article: Source:
  3. Theoboy

    Batch compiler

    How do I set up the batch compiler the right way? And pls don't post that link to esf-worlds tutorial, because I have followed that a million times and it still doesn't work. With that set up there is in that tutorial it comes with an error that it couldn't find "esf_arena.bsp" and...
  4. SSjGohan12345

    Batch compiler

    Could some one tell me the settings i would need for batch compiler to compile maps i have made for esf, if possible send me pictures of the different tabs, thanks in advance :D
  5. Mr. Satans

    Batch Compile Set-Up

    For those of you who compile maps via a batch file, here is a VERY good setup for a good compile. > hulls.txt hlcsg.exe -hullfile hulls.txt -nowadtextures "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName" -wadautodetect -estimate -high %1 hlbsp.exe -estimate -high %1 "C:\Half-Life\MAPPING\ESF_MapName"...
  6. Mr. Satans

    Linkin Park Sprays w/ Batch File Loader!

    When I bought the new Linkin Park CD, Meteora, on the 25th I couldn't wait to get the pics -n- logos to make some sprays, unfortunatly I didn't get the ones I wanted but I did use one to make 2 sprays (One w/ a white background, the other w/ a transparent background). And today (26th) I was...
  7. Mr. Satans

    (Another) New Version Of C0A0B!!

    That's right, I made s'more changes. - Added A Few Teleport Spots - Added A Song (AYBABTU :p ) - Added A Button To Open Gate Doors - Changed Some Dragon Ball & Sensu Bean Locations Get The Latest Version HERE --:: INSTRUCTIONS ::-- Open The .zip File Extract To Your ESF...
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