1. Slofreak

    new bars ?

    how about new bars...u know the bars that tells you health,ki,trans, powerstruggle and trowing bars. something more like budokai style it dosent has to be like it something close. maybe glass like texture and i was thinking the arrows bars some thing like this u can see on this pic i...
  2. M

    can u see other peoples health bars ?

    cuz i cant ?
  3. H

    Help, Bars Problems

    I don't know if this is normal on ESF but my KI, CF and LF bars are a bit transparent, how do i fix this? Its kinda hard to see what is you CF lvl with that transparency. Tnx PS: If you didn't understand and need ScreenShotz, just say ;) .
  4. G

    2 ki bars (1 for flying and 1 for Beams)

    i was thinking how to improve and come up with a little idea in the game your ki drains pretty fast. woudlnt it be cool to have 2 KI bars! the first ki bar is for flying and tapping and than another ki bar only for beams, and make this bar pretty big. in the show they use a lot beams...
  5. S

    Rage bars

    For half-saiyans like Trunks and Gohan there should be a rage meter, the higher it gets the get slightly more powerful, when it gets full they get like a 10 second power boost, you could only use it like two times though
  6. TwisteR

    Pale ki/hp/cf bars.

    Is there anyway to change that? Im using steam and the status bars are pale-ish, im sure youve seen what im talking about. But its annoying to have to strain to see what my ki status is or my hp status. Can i like, replace the sprite or something? Because I really dont like hardly being able to...
  7. H

    More Ki Bars -Come one, come all

    I think it would be a cool idea if you got strong enough you could build up more ki bars, like lets say you reach ssj, you could have like 3 or more ki bars and make ssj just barely... dig up some of your ki, so when you have maybe like 7 bars it won't be too much of a problem and you can...
  8. W

    woker new reskin/model edit ssj2vegeta.

    wwwwwwwaaaaaaazzzzzuuuuuuuuuuppp???? ok look i got now 3D max studio 5 and i got SMD import script and SMD export plugin. ok i made this ssj2vegeta . i do "Decompile Normal HL MDL file....." in ms but the prob in ms thet i cant save soo i did Decompile Normal HL MDL file..... to ssjvegeta and...
  9. K

    Just showing off my new sig. Anyone like?

    ??anyone like??
  10. S

    Missing Bars

    sry if this has been said b4 but heres the prob: like the title, the bars (such as ki and life) are not...functioning there is no red or blue bar where there is supposed to be, the bars r just empty. so basically i can see my PL but i cant see how much current ki i have. the same thing happens...
  11. E


    Mn WallPaper quick abstract. Too much Animal Planet.
  12. ultrassj_vegeta

    new wp without crap

    kk.. i took out the pics now... just a simple wallpaper.. tell me wat u ppls think....
  13. E

    Power Bars

  14. SSj Gotenks

    The power lvl bars and stuff on the BEta

    I was lookin at the new pics of the beta ( very sweet) and I noticed on the bottom left there were 4 bars there. I know ones your life, PL, and energy but what is the other one?
  15. B

    The Information Bars!

    Just a few suggestions for the info bars in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. -1. Make The Bars Opaque.(think harSens has done this not sure) -2. Make The Pictures On The Left Hand Side Into Text. -3. Make The Text Black So Its Easier To See. Wat Do Ya Think? BrunO
  16. SierraSonic

    The Bars

    I think the power struggle bars and the charging bars shouldn't be see through, they should have a solid gold background. So it would be easyier to see the bars when turbo is on. They should also always be on top. The other bars are ok.
  17. P

    PL bars and stuff

    im new to this, what is that top bar, how do i make it higher, do iwant to?