1. john_volkov

    Game balancing sugestion and adding new characters.

    So I have a small sugestion to balance out the character since most of the characters have 2 forms, how about making the 3rd forum to take a longer time to get in that form here is an exemple Vegeta that has only 2 forms SSJ 1 and SSJ 2(or whatever you wana call it) this is like a...
  2. john_volkov

    Buu Balancing Idee attack's ...

    Buu sould start whit the PL of 900,000 or 950,000 HP:160 Speed:220 Ascends at 2,500,000 Attack's Meleee Ki blast Generic Beam Mounth balst something like kamehameha candybeam to do a instat 20 to 25 ordepending of your PL (like Frieza Finger Laser ) and whit a delay of 0.75 (or...
  3. Dokutayuu

    Character Balancing Tweaks

    I think I've compiled a list on how weaker character (eg Trunks, Gohan) could be on the same levels as stronger ones (e.g Goku, Buu) Buu- lower speed from 220 to 200. Buu was a blob wasn't he? His main way of coping with pain was his stomach. Never got to see much of evil Buu's speed so 300...
  4. S

    Balancing Point

    Heh, it's probably kind of old, but it's still pretty cool.
  5. S


    How do you disable the auto balance on powerlevels when you die, i know there's a console command but i forgto it.
  6. SuperDragonFist

    dragon ball balancing suggestion

    just thought of this how about in 1.3 or 1.4 whenever the team decides to fix the db's they add in some physics to them so if they are gathred and a KHH or whatever is shot at them they seperate and possibly made so they have a certain ammount of health so they can be destroyed but respawn about...
  7. D

    Freeza Disk balancing being done?

    For the time that I have played ESF, I notice that there are two disk attacks: Freeza's disk and Krillin's Destructo Disk. Freeza gets his disk as soon as you start out. You can chage it up, throw it, and return it back to your hand. Krillins Destructo Disk is his final ability (so he only...
  8. X

    Balancing out Transformations and Attacks v2.0

    Im still working on a list for for Power Level gains on all of their Transformation so in the end they all end up getting Equal or Stronger than the next person.
  9. A

    Blockcounter balancing idea, NOW WITH VOTING!

    This is a repost of my earlier idea, but with voting. Mods feel free to delete the last one... Blocking and counter is unbalanced. Period. Example; this guy called VoodooCowboy was meleeing me all around the map. I got a few in, but he was much better. One time, he was chargin ki, and I was...
  10. D@nte


    Much people are asking to increase the number of chars, i think it would be better to work out and balance the already existing chars. more attacks, more diversity between races and chars, more special moves,... . All in good time of course. what do you guys think
  11. imkongkong

    Team Balancing

    maybe teams would have to be auto balanced, because one time i was playing it was like 7 to one person after his teammates left