1. S

    Map backgrounds

    I was just curious as to if I could create some future backgrounds used for the various maps. It just seems like most backgrounds for most maps are pretty boring or just flat out terrible, well, to me anyhow. So, should I show an example to convince you? Or is anyone interested in backgrounds...
  2. R@!D3R

    3D Studio Max 5.0 Tutorials?

    I need good 3dsm 5 tutorials... Preferably crystals, basically any cool looking GFX like those things in the backgrounds of most your sigs. Anything that you personally think is cool! The more the better please I need lots.
  3. E

    Flame World

    Rei Paper - Flame World O_O Let em rip, Im here to stay.
  4. S

    Free Backgrounds

    I whiped up some stuff for those of you who need help with making backgrounds. Personally I think these suck so I hope they help even though they may not. Without Further ado here they are :)
  5. I

    texts,backgrounds,dbz images help!!!

    i need major help anyone know where i can find these plz tell me i need help
  6. J

    pretty sick and tired.....

    k this might just be stupid to open a complete new thread of this, but i'm sick of peeps saying this:(example: Android 16): he said something like this(while i already had this sig). i made the background of this sig myself, might look like a pro made it and stuff, but i really made this...
  7. K

    New BG maker

    I've been foolin around and have started making backgrounds for people and I am now offering my services. Please do not just ask for one for the heck of it. Only if you are TRULY interested in trying to make your own sig. I will make sigs but I don't have a lot of time. Here are a few samlpes...
  8. Son Goten


    where do you guys(mainly judge, spin, and 16) get your backgrounds for your art and sigs?? do you make them?? i can't find any good ones online.
  9. D

    YO Judge

    hey, you got some cool backgrounds on your sigs... can u tell me where u get them???