1. Nuttzy

    yet another naruto babe,

    this is the same characer that zeldalink is modelling, before anyone accuses me of stealing his idea, I drew the concept he is using. in a manner of speaking its the other way around. (just have to twist the defnition of stealing to "letting him use it") =P. im taking somewhat of a different...
  2. Eider

    WIP (3th one) -> NEW !!! Female Model

    Okay, This is a complete new female model I made today credits go to Xstortionist for his trunks (i used his head :p) Triangles 669 !!! Okay, CRITS !!!!!!!!! but before u do: I will NOT remodel those damn skinny legs, im to damn lazy
  3. {SSJ}Master

    DBZ's hottest babe (u asked for it :P)

    Hehehe, dont think im a sick bum, but someone asked for this and im sick of boring polls like "who is your fav character" or "fav attack" !!!! Yeah, you know it, fav babe in DBZ (if there are any)!!!!! P.S. Im no hentai pervert, i just think it is a funny poll :P