1. imkongkong

    aye naruto refs?

    it's very hard to find naruto refs like this one. i know many of you have the manga scans and may have the refs to many of these characters. can anyone help a few of us out and post some of those refs here? ideally looking for as many characters as possible with a front and side view
  2. G

    Scruffie!!! I der ye, aye?

    xD Well well well, looks like the two titans of the laugh clash into a epic battle ones more. Only this time, POST YOUR DAMN FIGHT *****! :@
  3. Majin Sephiroth

    look at my sweet avatar :)

    i gots a dude to combine two gif files together :) it looks sweet aye........steal it and I KILL YOU :)
  4. S

    Suggestions Aye..!!

    Well I have some stuff that may be likable by peoples..... (Will list them.....saves people reading hundreds of threads) 1. If not already implemented Trunks could use his sword to cut beams in half.(But in Turbo mod while ssj to make things fair, or depending on power levels) 2. Making...
  5. G

    farken sig test aye mate!

    :notice: :idea: :S ;/ o_o :p