1. I

    New model high poly and normal

    here the links..hope you like still not done
  2. Z

    New drawings

    New drawings!!! You can find them here:
  3. xstortionist

    Basemodels for Da beginners and Learners!!!!!!

    I've had some spare time on my hands so I thought I would make a basemodel for everybody that was interested in learning 3D modeling or anybody that was a beginner and wanted to use the model as a reference to look at while modeling. I encourage everybody that wants to learn 3D modeling to look...
  4. suicidal_maniac

    Final Fantasy Wallpapers

    I made these for fun I think they look pretty cool. Im just lookin for some opinions.
  5. V


  6. ultrassj_vegeta


    hmmm the new model is nice... but for some reason he looks disproportionate... or sumfins...
  7. M

    New Model.....well sorta

    Here and Here Its an old Model that I started work on along time ago that I have finally gotten around to finishing. The poly count on it is 1337 (not leet it is actually that much). Anyway let me know what ya think.
  8. E

    New Character

    Hey, Aaint done a character model for a while...anyway Ive been surfing a few art forums and just checking out some origional pics, and really liked this one by SSJ-Dan, seeing as i aint gonna release them i think its fine for me to try modelign them? anyway, here it is, i cant seem to check the...
  9. R

    Almost Complete 3rd Model!!

    Well here it is, try and geuss what it is! lol... remember it's only my third model so far... Tell me what you think! What needs to be done! I know the hair in the back is a bit freakish, the hair all in all might be messed up... I kinda like it for my 3rd model...
  10. R

    -Preview- My Third Model

    This is my third model ever... I've started it out but I'm not quite for sure who or what I want it to be... I'm having a little trouble deciding... anyway please take a look Tell me what you think, what it needs... etc etc... what...