1. M

    2009 ModDB MOTY Awards

  2. Gama

    Spike Video Game Awards

    It's that time of year again when you can vote for ur favs to win the Spike awards: Some of the sections are a joke and really wasnt though up to well.
  3. frsrblch

    ModDB 2007 Mod of the Year Awards Looks like I have some downloading to do.
  4. Skyrider

    2006 Mod of the Year Awards

    For those who haven't seen the news.. (Neither have I until just now), the Mod of the Year Awards will be really soon again. Check out for more information on the Preview awards page, or just check out the quote below: There for, everyone vote for Earth's Special Forces!! while you nominate...
  5. Mr. Satans

    BET Awards

    This may be a bit old but, I was at my friend Domini's house the other day and we were watching the BET Awards (Domini is one of my black friends so we usually watch that stuff at her house). Anyways, it was going pretty good, until they announced...TOM CRUISE! What the hell?! I...
  6. grOOvy

    ModDB Awards 2004

    Yes yes, we all voted for months and now the results are out. The ModDB Mod Awards 2004 results are out! Earth's Special Forces has won *3* awards! ESF won FIRST PLACE for the "BEST ANIMATION SET" award! Link: All credit goes to...
  7. Spunky

    Spike TV Video Game Awards 2004

    How many people watched the Spike TV Video Game Awards last night? Friggin San Andreas won instead of HL2. It's unbelievable. Valve spent 5 years developing HL2, and they didn't even get game of the year for their awesomeness.
  8. TehMuffinMan

    -=Achievement of the week awards=-

    yes, today, i am going to start somthing nice in the forums, the achievement of the week, Every week, we shall pick one user who stands out from the rest for his latest work, we shall name him out, and give him the secret trophy i took 2 hours to make*awe* this will also help people...
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