1. zmaster

    automatic weather change

    i hve a question will the weather change automatically:confused:
  2. Skyrider

    Software to automatic cut audio in multiple parts.

    Do any of you know a need software which is able to cut a (example) 8 hours long audio mp3 (no movie) in to multiple parts automatically, such as 15min per and creates an MP3 out of it?
  3. -Blaze-

    Blue screen after automatic update

    So anyways, i was updating my pc and the electricity disappeared in the process. Now i get blue screens all the time. I tried accessing pc in SafeMode, but it makes pc restart aswell. "Last known good settings" doesn't seem to work either...
  4. sub

    Automatic Lock On System

    I'm reposting this idea from our melee thread. - When you hit someone with melee or someone hits you with melee, a lock on box (akin to 1.1, but prettier) will appear around them. This will allow you to keep track of whoever your fighting. - The box will go away if you die, the person you...
  5. sub

    Vista automatic updates

    Alright, I have Vista on my laptop and I want to turn automatic updates off. Should be simple, right? Well, I go to turn them off and find out that it's greyed out. I read Vista's explanation on why it may be greyed out and it told me that I'm either not the system administrator (I am) or I'm...
  6. Rocky

    Manual or Automatic?

    I was pondering this as I was driving home and flipping between drive and neutral (lame-o auto driver here :() everytime I went downhill pretending I had a manual car and wishing my parents had a manual car that I could've learnt on. So anyway, what's your transmission?
  7. B

    How do you turn off automatic screenshots

    Hi, I just noticed wow my HD is getting full so i started digging and found out that esf was taking 1GB!!! screens from the game. How the hell is that possible i didn't take screens. So how do i turn that off that automatic screenshot taking?
  8. F

    Automatic Restart

    Is there any way for a dedicated server to automatically restart if it crashes, so all you have to do is type retry in your console for it to start working again (like what you have to do with the NTH server) Because, although my servers done crash often they do crash, and I don't know when...
  9. T

    Automatic Reboots

    My computer has been rebooting itself lately. In the 2-3 months that I've owned it it's probably happened about 5-6 times. Thats not alot but it still worries me. It always seems to happen when I'm doing something graphic wise. Such as working in Photoshop or Illustrator. Or when I'm playing a...
  10. Probose

    I want the wen 1 thing get destroyed, other thing automatic get destroyed too

    I want wen 1 thing get destroyed, other thing automatic get destroyed too The Thread name says all: I want wen 1 thing get destroyed, other thing automatic get destroyed too How can i do it? I want that wen 1 func_breakable entity get destroyed, 1 env_model get destroyed too. How can i do it?
  11. imkongkong

    automatic regen below 5 hp

    when you have lower than 5 hp where your PL would drop automatically, i think every 10 seconds your hp should raise one till your reach 5 hp so that your PL would stop dropping
  12. Krazy-Killa

    Automatic reduction, and increase of powerlevel.

    NOTE: Before I go on, please read it thoroughly before critzing. What I have in mind is this. Have the pl decrease to about 25% below their actual powerlevel. And when they're either turboing, charging an attack, or even in a melee fight, it should increase their powerlevel to their normal...
  13. Sonic the Vampire

    After image technique vs. automatic after images

    I like the idea of the after images, and I think they make a good addition to the game, but if they are going to come without a cost I have an issue with teleporting in 1.2 . We've all seen the afterimages by now and we've heard beta testers say they were tricked by them. Er... I can't find...
  14. MickeyG

    automatic ki charge

    well my idea was... you have like "1000 ki" at the start when you shoot a beam you lose a amount of ki like now.. but now you can recharge it... i want it to charge automaticly by standing still much more realistic.. if ur ki is low.... HIDE :P
  15. B

    perfect freezer

    Look here its Great