1. A


    caremi spune ce e esf alpha???
  2. S

    Namek Vegeta WIP

    HI i have been working on my first skin edit and i have been working for about 30 mins and it is till a WIP because i think the skin map is messed with one of the straps but enough talk heres the credit :yes: Credit ESF Team for the Vegeta model/skin map Me for the reskin/edit...
  3. ultrassj_vegeta

    space things...

    just sum stuff i've been trying.. i don't really like the colours or anything for the nebula thing.. or the shapes.. it dusn really look rite.. but i was just tryin the effects.. so yah.. crits..
  4. Naz


    heres my new wallpaper, c&c comments etc? big version @ it still has a few bugs in it, I'll fix it asap