1. H

    Kotaku AU Article (More of a mention..) Not as big as the PCGamer article... but yeah lol
  2. Z Power

  3. M

    Article - Detail vs. Design

    This article was written by David Johnston, a mapper on the Counter-Strike team who created the maps "Dust", "Dust 2" and "Cobble". Part 1: Part 2: Source:
  4. DragonDude

    New Maddox Article Another insight into the amazing truth that is Maddox's opinion!
  5. Promiscuous Girl

    Anyone Actually Remember This Article ?

    -- I never saw this Article before, so it really caught me off guard-- this guy makes me never want to buy a Nintendo product again. How can someone be so obnoxious, not that i should care, but damn....anyway just scroll down abit on the page to read everything in english...
  6. Yazuken

    a good question i have about Textures/Wads.

    I was just wondering. if you use your own textures/wads in one of your levels will everyone else be able to see the textures when they join your game? or do they have to go download the wad somewhere?
  7. Yazuken

    Need help Connecting Rooms/Halls

    Hey, i cant figure out how to connect rooms/halls. can someone help me out? i mean, theres no point in making a map with just one room :P
  8. Antoine3323

    Halo 2 Article

    I dunno if anyone has read it yet, but the article about Halo 2 in Electronic Gaming Monthly is f*ckin awesome!! It tells u a lot about the new game, and it has screenshots of new models!! It's crazy how great the new models look!! There is so much attention to detail, but it has about the same...