1. FalconFury

    Skyrim: Arrow to the knee joke I post this video and everybody seen it.... I guess nobody cares about me at all. F the internet and F life.
  2. T

    arrow system (power sensing)

    what about some arrow type system, like when you have *already targeted someone*, tiny arrows appear on the screen, helping you find the enemy player ( if he is on your right, an arrow will be on the right side of the screen). Seems to work well in cs. When you take damage by bullets, red...
  3. G

    Green Arrow WIP

    Hi, Im new here but have been surfing the forums for some time now. Id just like to start off by saying "Hello, To all" and I simply love some of the work that has been shown on the forums. Here is a "Work In Progress" of mine, I dont have any good text fonts so maybe if someone could provide me...
  4. C

    Red Arrow Player Markers

    Hey whats up, uhh ive been playing esf for a little over a couple months and haven't had any problems up to this point, but about a day or two ago, I noticed that the red arrows that are located above the heads of other players in the server had stopped appearing. At first this seemed like...
  5. I

    RVD's Goku

    this is not my model.. its 100% RVD's.. he just told me to post it for him.. well he requests help on goku's hair... well check it out w333333 *crits*
  6. J

    Sonic Blue (contest)

    Nazghul said something about a contest, can someone fill me on that? :o just posting this:
  7. T

    Ersens bradock head skinned by me!

    tell me what you guys htink im still working on it but twll me what still needs work....
  8. [SAS]Orion

    n00 siggeh!

    I made a new sig for myself, what do you think? Also, got any ideas for what I can add to it?
  9. S

    Twisted By Design

    Something I just finished off, Made in 3d Studio Max. Enjoy ;)
  10. D

    Hey can i join as a modeler ? just tell me which one

    If you guy's tell me which model i should make i'll do it. and i should have it ready in a few day's. If possible give me a character that's hard to model so you can see my skills. and if you like it can i join ? ( no i will not join any other mod than ESF ) Please contact me on MSN ...