1. K

    Help why arn't the filefront downloads working

    We know that the mirrors on the files page aren't working. For now, download ESF from one of the following mirrors. ESF 1.2.3:;38840 ESF Open Beta: Final...
  2. B

    Arn't any pros still playing esf??

    whenever i look though servers i never find anyone better then used to be easy for me to find a superior...and beating on the new people gets boring and unfullfilling after a while :(
  3. The Noodler

    Vegeta Pride wallpaper

    Just a wallpaper i was workin on and i thought it would be good nuff to show here. well here it is Critz on how to make it better?
  4. ]\/[ITCHELL

    pics of models

    i was bored so i made a few pics wit some models look at this: ssjgoku<BR> goku jacket <BR> ssj3 goku <BR> vejito <BR> copy and paste if is doesnt work *EDIT* if you want your credits with them just mail me @ [email protected]
  5. CM

    Trunks Katana Model - A Rip?

    I was surfing the web looking for some cool MODs i could play online. I got to desert crisis and went through the screenshots, and saw a double katana screenshot thumbnail. So i went and clicked on and i got this...
  6. Z

    wod models

    click here for the wod models these models are made by me and fuxer crits pleas
  7. Vegeta's Briefs


    So, I was testing the digital camera and I took a picture of one of my drawings. One of my brothers suggested that I show you guys, so why not? And no, her finger isn't fat. The line that separated the two fingers doesn't show up :S In case it's too big for you, go here...
  8. HellBringer.


    ok here is the BODY of the TRUNKS I M MAKING. ITS NO SKINNED YET.
  9. Mr. Satans

    Map Changes For ESF v1.1b

    I remember hearing from Hibiki and other people on the forums that the current ESF v1.0b maps won't work with [b]ESF v1.1[b], why? Will the entity names change or something?
  10. Black Saiyan


    Vote ur answer
  11. R

    Wallpaper!!! Take A Look

    Hey Guys .. I was just wondering if i could have a little feed back on my wallpaper if it's anygood, thanks. I have made others .. a lot other but this i need CRITS!
  12. A

    Competition Idea

    Eh i was thinking lets have a MS Paint competition.... . Anything DragonBall Z . Only MS Paint Well?? What u think?? :rolleyes:
  13. Y

    I Can Do Flash Movies For Website

    I can do flash movies for the page if needed, things wich arnt too hard, I could do some c00l buttons :shocked: I could make some anymation :shocked: I could .... ok u guys tell me what to do :p I could make some things 4 u 2 try... tell me what u want
  14. S

    Shadow ace's art gallery

    I'd like you all to judge my artwork, i'd like you to name me your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite sigs. Also if you have any sig requests please send them or pm them here. thanks, and please, my threads on this topic always end up with 100's of views but no posts...
  15. [SAS]Orion

    A drawing I...erm...drew

    Ok it's not great, but it's like my second drawing :P I know the face is iffy, but apart from that, what do you think?
  16. D

    the new picoollo

    i know its hard to model...but the new model of piccollo isn't correct! -is torso is too small -his legs are too long -his antenna are too square and it supossed to be more in the middle of the forehead. -the ear dont start enough high there r too low ...thats all ... the skin...
  17. D

    My krilin skin!

    Hi, I'm not new here or anything..... I've been with the oldest of the team. Before they were even esforces, they were power-up. Well anyhow wanted to know if anyone could give me lesson or 2 on how to do the clothing.... and yes i know about . This is what i've done...
  18. J

    Shogo Mod: Need 2d Artists

    I need 2d artists for my Mod, Shogo: War of the Clans. I need someone(s) who can make very good graphics like Skins, Textures, or Sprites. Thank you so much people ^_^ -Jennifer O'brian P.S: E-mail me back at [email protected], or talk to me on: AIM: Baby Jenny Kitty MSN...
  19. R

    samurai brave model there is my samuray brave model..what ya think tell me and comment it so i can make it better
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