1. Hash

    This Kid Needs Anger Management

    Yet another video of some poor soul who is way to serious about video games. It's from ebaums world, so maybe you've all seen it, who knows. It's funny anyways. I have no idea what he is saying though, anyone happen to understand him?
  2. R

    Your Fav thing to do to Anger People in ESF

    I made this just for fun lol, i am bored and i was making people so infuriated with me today in servers, just cuz i had a few hours of boredness haha. I just a game with people who hate melee because its for "noobs". *Yeah, those kinda players* When im in there all i do is melee melee melee...
  3. T

    Anger outburst cg

    handdrawn pic, inked it(also handdrawn :] ) and started colouring it with photoshop. I did all the primary colour's first and then started shading... O_o not quite sure if Im doing it right Critz are very welcome
  4. T

    Anger or rage bar

    I thank there should be some kind of anger or rage bar something to work for be sides going ssj when you get to ssj theres nothing to work for but pl that gets boreing .The anger or rage bar should be like when you get hit so many times you can do like a super kamahamaha or a super punch or some...
  5. Z

    anger management :p

    Ok, I have an idea for the anger idea, basically run it exactly the same way you have limit breaks in FFVII, when you hit a limit (anger) break, because you are getting the crap beaten outta ya or something, you get a certain bonus - for eg. Gohan/Trunks get temp speed/strengh bonuses...
  6. E

    St. Anger

    The kings of heavy metal return? Yesterday Metallica's 10th album, St. Anger was "released". It was suppose to come out the 10th...then it was moved to the 5th. But I bought it at best buy on the 4th. So whatever. Either way, the album was only $9.99 and comes with a DVD of the band...
  7. M

    What program would I need for sigs?

    like wut program would I need or which program is good to use?
  8. K

    anger bar

    I think it would be cool if there was a anger bar. It would go up slowly no matter what you do and when its full you could press a botton and then you would beable to release a huge amount of energy untill the bar empties again then you have to let it fill again to beable to use it again. If you...
  9. Emeka650


    I think they should have anger when in a powerstruggle.Like if they are loosing they and they are putting up a good fight in a powerstruggle they get a huge boost for a temp of time.Like gohan did against cell.
  10. S

    Xstortionist's Brolli Model Skin WIP

    ok, this is about 15 min work, here ya go, i still have about 5 hours to go :( the right arm looks a little funny cuz of a modelling problem :( i will fix it later...