1. Valeska

    when stars fall, angels cry..

    nothing to say about it, its still not done, tho i dont know if i would ever try to finish it, i never planned to make this i just did it..
  2. TimTheEnchantor

    Angels Wings..

    For my literary magazine cover.. coloring it over the next week or so..:
  3. N

    charlie's angels & Thief

    well here 2 new sigs.. :smile: made reall fast because i was bored..but i dont wanted to make something to put some time :smile: charlies angels Thief - Gold i know they are very simple..but i was bored.. :smile: greetz Niracle :smile:
  4. X

    Miltiple Camera Angels?

    Before I start off, I know I might be getting a reply like: Its not really necessary /or/ Its lame as hell blah blah. anyway Can you make this option>Optional? Like when you get into a Block Struggle/Power Struggle. Or when you Melee someone, If the Camera can twitch to like the kinda...