1. S

    Using metamod or something like it to alter esf melee

    Since it is against forum rules to use old, dead topics and after asking Pain, I decided to open a new topic with just my question in the misc. section :) What I'm wondering is would it be possible to change the melee system as it is now with something like metamod? As much as I like 1.2.x...
  2. Goten-son

    Alter the advertising rule some

    maybe add a sticky to the off topic section where people may post their websites, like a link and a short paragraph, so if members get bored they can check out some of the cool sites =)
  3. D

    have someone an vegetto fore me

    help have someone an veggeto fore me
  4. Wuying Ren

    Reskin of Styreta Armor Trunks

    Hi I downloaded the new Trunks by Styreta and made a reskin. I give him all rights. And the ESF team too.
  5. suicidal_maniac

    Newber Sigs!!

    I made two new sigs for all the newbers out there. This is an alternative to Dudemans sigs. If you like use them. I made one for ESF and one for anyother forum. Feel free to use either one without giving credit to me. To use these sigs put this in your Signature option in your User...
  6. G

    The head of a model

    Should I make my own head poly by poly, or alter a sphere or geosphere??? Please respond I would really like to know.
  7. OneWingedAngel

    Making Models

    Ok everyone i want to know what i need to make a model? (notthing i have to buy stuff i can download) i want to know everything that is required for me to make a model. I would love to know how. please someone help! thanx bye
  8. E

    my skins for so far

    these are my skins for so far......