1. ESForever

    Earth's Special Forces Alpha2.0 Fatal Error

    This version.
  2. G


    r there any bots for alpha 2.0?
  3. K

    Who estract

    Who extrac this file alpha20
  4. harSens

    About the alpha2.0 code

    The link on the main page gives you uncompilable code. Try this link instead: You can use my code for whatever you want, as long as it is covered in the valve sdk license. This does not mean you can use any other piece of the esf alpha or beta...
  5. SCIxX

    What I liked more in alpha2.0

    Some things I noticed while playing. 1. In alpha2.0 you could powerstruggle quite long without your ki running out, well in beta1 your ki-bar is already almost empty when you fired your charged beam and if you put force into the powersturggle you'll run out of ki in notime. Also, when...
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