1. ]\/[ITCHELL


    i have a qustion about beta 1.2 since there is a new teleport does this mean that you cant use other models like goku GT??? i mean that if you play with goku GT and you teleport do you see the original goku or really goku GT????
  2. M


    Ok, on esf_city, there are good road/building textures that i wanna use. i cant find them. what are they called when u add the esf.wad to valve hammer? >.<
  3. Ryoko

    Ryoko and pro's take 2

    Well here we go again, tried another Pro thingy -.- Normal .// Anime .// Any comments?
  4. Phobius

    Phob's new look.

    Well check out my new sig and avatar done by the one and only Ryoko my best buddy. :D /me snuggles up to ryoko and never lets go.
  5. P

    Some drawings

    Allright. Ive posted these earlier but before any ppl got to look at them all these posts came in. Now dont be mad if youve seen them already i just want some other ppl to look at em just copy and paste the links and tell me what you think
  6. F

    Conflicting moods

  7. Amitron

    Testing Sig

    Ok im just testing my sig tell me what you think if you want to.
  8. P

    Heres some of my new drawings ppl!!!

    Allright. Ive drawn some new ones. Im not particurarily proud of any of these since theyre enormously disproportional but you might still like to look at them. Heres the links. Copy and paste em ps: sorry theyre so huge again
  9. P

    Milkshape 3D

    Allright. Im a very very newcomer for this program. All i can do so far is draw circles and so on. I dont have anything to show off. All i want to know is if any of you know a good tutorial for very very bad beginners. If ya do just post em ther. Thanx My thought of the day: Diamonds are...
  10. [SAS]Orion

    A drawing I...erm...drew

    Ok it's not great, but it's like my second drawing :P I know the face is iffy, but apart from that, what do you think?