1. imkongkong

    akimbot 2.3

    anybody know where i can download a copy? i tried searching the web, nothing.. the akimbot site took down their old versions.. i want to play alpha 2.0 with bots :laff:
  2. Vegito1180


    Will Akimbot Work With Esf Beta.And If It Does How Do I Get It To Work?
  3. K

    Akimbot Waypoints

    Hey dudes, I got the Akimbot for ESF, but I was just wondrin..is it better to have waypoints for the esf maps?, and if it is, where can i get em?, does anyone know? by the way..I know all this akimbot stuff isn't really going to matter when the beta comes out, but just for the few days...
  4. S


    Is there bot-support for the maps in ESF?
  5. V


    I was playing whit akimbot and i was playing whit vegeta and i saw that i cant use my good attacks anymore i was mad then i removed Akimbot but next thing you know i could use my special attacks again cant you make it so that akimbot plays and we still have our special attacks i dont know if...
  6. K

    Need Help With Akimbot for ESF..

    I got the Akimbot not too long ago for ESF, and its pretty damn fun, but I've been having some problems where everynowandthen the game will crash for no apparent reason and I need to restart my comp before being able to start up ESF again, I was wondering if any of you guys knew about this...
  7. M

    waypoints won't work!!! AKIMBOT 2.3

    Questions for people who use AKIMBOT 2.3 i tried to put waypoints on a map but the bots wont go or follow, how can i make them follow the points? how can i make the bots spawn in a certain spot? and how can i put the bots in a certain team if im playing team mode?
  8. D

    Akimbot 2.4

    For all missed this information. Akimbot 2.4 will no more support ESF. :( Bluesy will cut this mods out of coming releases (2.4): - Dragon Mod Z - Worms HL - MegaMan X HL - Snow Wars - Earth`s Special Forces - Holy Wars
  9. C

    waypoints for akimbot - where?

    hi! i just cant find waypoints for the akimbot fpr the great esf mod... where can i find the waypoints? AND HOW TO INSTALL THE WAYPOINTS?? would be great if someone could help me! CU! ColdBlooder
  10. L

    NEED Waypoints 4 AkimboT

    Well... 1st im German so Im sorry 4 my english. I want to play against bots so i downloaded Akimbot and installed it but i need waypoints! I cant do waypoints because i dont get it to bring down the console in the game... Yes I KNOW how bring down the console but it dont works... so i cant...
  11. A

    Akimbot: Good or Bad?

    ok, after playing around and adding bots in ESF when I first got it, I found that the akimbot bots couldn't touch me EVER. I dont' know where to set difficulty either, so i just used various techniques to kill them instantly. the only damage inflicted to me was when I accidentally fell. I...
  12. S

    Tell Me The Mother F*ck*n Akimbot Website!!!!!!!!

    SOMEONE TELL ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(powerlevel increases) RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. S

    Whats The Akimbot Website ******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. R

    help w/ akimbot

    I need help with working the bots. They come out but then it says something about the waypoints. Is there any sexy men to help with this?
  15. P

    New Akimbot Release - ESF 2.0 Support!

    Yeah, thats right, our favorite bot maker has just relased a new version of Akimbot, Akimbot 2.0! Click here to download, happy fragging:)
  16. Q

    akimbot in esf

    hey i was just wonderin if anyone could tell me how to use the akim bot in esf or any other mod for that matter:rolleyes: