1. M

    Developers Taking Advantage of Gamers?

  2. Ravendust

    Ground Fighting Advantage

    I was thinking, most ESF players fight up in the air, but I like fighting on the ground. Also it seems a bit strange that you lose ki while floating, but can recharge it in a few seconds. So my idea is; eliminate charging in mid-air, so you can charge up, fly, have a fight, then come back down...
  3. B

    Basic melee have one advantage point.

    You dont have to aim so carefully. In advanced its like job of sniper. Have someone found this one out? Sometimes i dont even get to struggle or maybe i missed 1mm. Well its go for me, just wanted to send...something
  4. stiffdog

    Steam Advantage

    well theres one good thing that i do like about steam, the fact that it has the ability to download things very fast. i have 56k and u ve got to believe me its slow downloading stuff. Cs 1.6 was over 100megs, yet with steam and the auto update it updated itself (downloaded cs1.6 in 1 h and 3o...
  5. Z

    wallpaper contest!!

    ok rules : Has to be 800x600 Can be related to anything Edit ur post if u want to change anything, or take a new wallpaper. contest ends this monday or sunday it has to be your OWN WORK ... i think thats it .. anyway , here is my entry:
  6. Z

    yo guys , new sign i made

    yo guys , new sign i made, opnions plz. Hi , im new here , so i made this banner for me to have in this forum. I have a website to wich i have banners , artowork, wallapapers and flashbanners too. Here it is if anyone wants to check it out...