1. MrDJSilva

    Adminmod for esf?

    hay guys sorry if this has been posted before but is there a admin mod for esf cause i dont wanna give my rcon to all my admins. an if so what admin mod and how do i install it and config it?
  2. S

    Need help installing Adminmod

    Im at the install set up. Please someone help me install this my aim sn is CWhite7517. I keep getting kicked out of my own server before I even get in there. Isn't there a file or somethin where I am supposed to put my Steam id and password for admin in my Esf folder?
  3. A

    Adminmod + Bots, can it work?

    Ive tried to just put the bot stuff into the addons folder and then put win32 addons/esf_bots/dlls/esf_bot.dll or what ever into metamod.ini it wont work :S Is there a way?
  4. S

    AdminMod on my Server, HELP!

    Hello everyone! just to let you know i've put up my own server. The server is on Testing but its planned to be on 24/7 [] Now, i have a question. Can i use AdminMod on ESF, if yes is it the same way i would install it on HL/CS. If not, is there a replacement (i dont realy...
  5. SierraSonic

    Ask Adminmod to..

    Drop support for ESF, so you cant get slow hacked, ADMINMOD is pointless now anyways, we got RCON.
  6. R

    Is there any ESF adminmod mod?

    I am just asking the question because games like TS have special mods for adminmod or AMX that have special cmds for the game it's kinda neat, does ESF have anything like this?
  7. E

    Can't install adminmod!

    ESF IL steam is my ESF 1.2 linux dedicated server. im having problems with the adminmod. IT JUST DOES NOT WORK :| does ESF 1.2 have any problems with MetaMod?! O_O :\ O_o ;(
  8. Mr. Satans

    *Sigh* Stuck with Admin-Mod

    Seems I have to go back to admin mod >.< A few months ago, I think in January, I started getting this problem with my dedicated server. After people joined and I tried to change map it would crash on AMX mod / amx mod x. This doesnrt happen w/ Admin yep. READ THIS -->...
  9. T

    Statsme_2.6.19_BR_AdminMod and ESF adminmod 2.5

    Ok, I am kinda newbie to Adminmods. I have a TOP15 dedicated server running on my game center, using the Statsme 2.6.19 BR AdminMod. Do I need to install the Adminmod 2.5 that says in the ESF manual as well??? Or can I run an ESF dedicated server with the adminmod I already have? And does anyone...
  10. KilledWithStyle

    How to: AMX and Adminmod

    I would liek to know how to run AMX and Adminmod at the same time.
  11. S

    Install Adminmod

    How do I install one? :(
  12. R


    Hey I run my own server, and dedicated sometimes. I installed adminmod, it worked perfectly until I switched to Trunks. I tryed using the sword but it wouldn't work. I came to the conclusion that none of the new attacks worked - I tryed downloading the newest version of metamod..still no luck...
  13. P

    RCON Command listing

    HALFLIFE RCON GUIDE A full list of rcon commands can be found below: Command/Variable Name Arguments/Default Description +showscores: show pings and scores for all players on the server addip: adds an ip the server filterban list (0 minutes = permanent) banid: [kick] ban player with id...
  14. KilledWithStyle

    Adminmod drops new weapons

    I jsut got admin mod installed on my computer and it seems to drop weapons(new ones) that have been added from 1.0. I already posted in admin mod fourms, but if anyone else knows what to do, it would be appreciated. (it mihgt be a cople days before i get a responce from adminmod)
  15. T

    adminmod with 1.1

    well so far on my server, the [::A.D::] clan server, adminmod must be buggy with some attacks. the 2 i've noticed so far are no trunks melee, and no goku torpedos.
  16. ~Kenoku~

    installing adminmod

    i downloaded adminmod 2.50.52 but i dont know how to nistall it,when i read the instructions i get there an faster and less complicaing way to nisatll it?
  17. orez

    my server crashes with adminmod

    i heard i need a metamod for haveing admin mod wen hosting a server but ther site seem's to be down can any one tell me where i can get the metamod for esf soo i can have admin wih my server
  18. orez

    my server crashes with adminmod why ?

    i tryed to get the new metamod for esf but ther site seem's to be dead does any one have the metamod i need or can help ?
  19. R

    ADMINMOD!! Help please

    I need some help with adminmid for esf. I reformated my computer and now I don't know how I got adminmod to work. Also, the adminmod package here at doesn't work. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.
  20. J

    2 question(about adminmod and about servers)

    1. where can i find adminmod for ESF , dont me to look in the thread talking about Adminmod because the link is not working on my comp for some reason and also with the link on the ESF website so where can i get it??? 2.why sometimes i find servers that i start with 5 mil ki and on other...
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