1. Ready2GoXtr

    Hey guess what esf web forum administrator!

    AUP page doesnt work so that means theres no rules to obide by!!!! So with that in hand.... *Breaks every forum rule for ESF known to AUP* Oh wait :O Cant get in trouble for that because by agreeing to AUP (which is a blank mysql page!!) :devgrin: I agreed to nothing. Me: 1 ESF Forum...
  2. T

    A message to Blood Rain

    STOP BUMPING ALL THE OLD TOPICS!! you should get banned for that im suprised u havent got banned yet!!!!!!
  3. VorteX

    sweet model

    here is a screen of a ssj3 modle that a friend sent me to use and its really tight check it out
  4. VivaLaPineapple

    quick question

    how the hell do u guys get such crisp colors with gif images? ive tried it and all i get is a complete piece of crap with 256 colors