1. Super Veggeto

    Additive texture on Goku SSJ

    I tried having an additive texture active on a custom model that replaces SSJ Goku, and it turns the model flatshaded: I double checked with and without the additive texture, I can confirm it's the additive causing that.
  2. wheres_

    'Additive' lag.

    When I apply Additive to ESF models via Jed's HLMV (1.35) then play with them ingame it lags quite uncoolishly, why is this? Aslo is there another way to produce this effect without the lag?
  3. samurai^Kurai

    Additive Texture prob

    hi, i have a problem. when i use additive "{" textures on faces it doesn´t get additive ingame it turns black. how can i fix this problem? please help me.
  4. S

    how do i .....

    ..... make a cloud?? i know how bud i mean witch func_??? so plz help me!!!!:]
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