1. Spunky

    Saiyan Revival: Actors Needed

    Saiyan Revival is a project I started a while ago, in which actors live through the Sagas of Dragonball Z. I don't like Dragonball/Z/GT at all, but I figure it will be good practice. So, the first step in this project is to recruit actors. Do any of you think you have what it takes? If so, drop...
  2. LionHeart


    so...if you're a guy that can listen carefuly and preferebly not be a n00b at esf, and also when it's filming time don't go trying to have fun like blasting the others or beating them just do what i tell you to act, so if you're that kind a guy reply to the thread,also if you can post you're...
  3. VideoJinx

    Need Voice Actors

    I need 3 to 4 more voice actors.. is anyone here intersted?
  4. Chakra-X

    Vocie Actors Needed

    Okay I have this project due thrusday amd I could use some voice acotors an indian fighter guy and I need like an epic story telling voice for a samll narrator part. I'd do it myself, but my voices have their limits. If your interested, tell me. But obivously, you need a microphone.
  5. Chitenga

    DBZ Rpg in works need Voice actors

    Hi Im making a DBZ RPG in RPGmaker 2000 The RPG will feture: 1.DBZ legacy of goku Music 2.DBZ legacy of goku Battle sistem and the bottom line is i need Voice actors for 2 Saiyans Crisis and Zekot if you are interested e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks!
  6. N

    Fat Buu model is Phat.

    I luv fat buu! He is just lie a little kid. "ME EAT YOU UP!" Last words from Fat Buu before Vegeta honorably blows the shit out of him.