1. M

    ADMIN MOd abusers

    ok i was just in a server and i was just fighting and talking about the admin mod and i was fighting rather well and then i asked the guy to kick me out cause i wanted to see if he can...long story...so instead he took over my hl and made it so i can't open console and was a jerk about it when i...
  2. S

    Melee abusers: Your definition

    Ok there are plenty of people calling people a "melee abuser". But what exactly are you talking about. I mean tell me what makes someone a melle abuser in your opinion? I just dont get it. Someone who hits u when u spawn? No thats a spawn camper. Someone who uses melee and nothing else but it...
  3. Holy Crusader

    ESF Abusers

    Guys I was just in a game against 2 vegetas(I was trunks) they gangbanged me brutally. They just kept big banging. So when I chose Piccolo and used the heat lasers the admin (Son Goku who is now a fag) used admin mod to strike me down like 60 times. Then I chose Freiza to use the disk and show...