1. |Da|K|


    Exceptince watcha all think?
  2. Marauder

    Stream of tears

    something i wipped up :D
  3. Mr.Bugskin

    FirstTime With Bryce

    Well guys this is my first time using bryce and heres mine what i made Click on my profle and go to my site and see the wonders!
  4. Marauder

    Shield breached

    a just wipped something up, dont have alot of time to write down, so ill update later :)
  5. Jaredster

    My Bryce thingy.

    Since everyone is doing Byrce stuff heres is a quick abstract i made.
  6. Z

    my first bryce picture

    well i see every1 else is making them so i decided to.. <img src=http://home.nc.rr.com/majins/bryce.gif > its my first so u might not think its good , & even i think the name i made for it is *** but thats what it looks like lol EDIT: okay i forgot to say i edited it in photoshop some...
  7. S

    Wow, i think its nice... critz?

    man, i couldnt figure out how i did it, but i did do it :-\ and this is the BG by its self .. like i said, took like an hour to come up with and yea, i did make it -edit- hmm, maybe its just not good........... ill try to add some more goodys to it, hopefully the outcome...
  8. TimTheEnchantor

    Simple Graphic..

    It's an "ok" wallpaper I guess, room for icons on both sides.. Interesting, may make a white one..or a inverse :
  9. TimTheEnchantor

    Update : Abstract from Tim

    This piece was made in about .. 20 min. Using modern digital cam here around the house I made some modern grunge look. If you have 56k, prepare for a wait, its about 74 k.. This is to capture a bit of a evil ominicity... it has no anime in it at all except a ghost in the shell eyeball O_O...
  10. Megasaxon

    new sig & tar (not that you really care :P)

    and yeah, both im using comment if you like, dont, if you like i dont mind :) *gets back to work
  11. Q

    New Sig......

    How does this look? should I use it as my new sig? comments and crits please
  12. E


    Mn WallPaper quick abstract. Too much Animal Planet.
  13. E

    Some Wallpapers, Tell me what youthink

    Hey fellas, if you have the time, take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks :) Images