1. It's over One Million!

    Cell and Buu absorbtion weapons

    Absorption is one of the most dangerous Cell and Buu techniques, so I think they must have these weapons in game. Benefits: 1. Drain HP and KI 2. Helps to transform I do not know whether it is difficult to create in game, whether it's too late, this is only a proposal.
  2. L

    Will Buu Get Absorbtion?

    in the show the tall buu - Punk?(what happened when evil buu absorbed fat buu). was able to absorb people by having a piece of himself wrap them up and merge with him. this could give you like 1/4 the enemies KI and you would learn 1 tech frome them you dont have (random) and it would change...
  3. U

    Cell's Absorbtion

    [COLOR=DarkGreen][/FONT] {Cell's Absorbtion} Manual.... 1.If Cell get's behind somewhone select Absorbtion.... 2.Click and the tail swallows... 3.If you're quick enough to do it.. 4. Click as Many times you can to win the struggle or you will get this: The defender get's free...
  4. S


    comments crits and suggestions are welcome as always
  5. E

    Buu's absorbtion

    After seeing guku's torpeedo attack in that video preview, i thoguth it would be cool if you had somethign liek that for BUU. Instead of charging a energy ball like the topedo, a piece of him could come of him. And he could fire that peice like goku fires the torpedos. Once he has someone it...
  6. SaiyanElitez


    hey is it possible to absorb ki beams shot out at u so u have a chance of living? cuz otherwise the game gets pretty boring cuz all ppl do is shoot huge beams at eachother which have explosions with the same force as nuclear bobms. so wat im sayin is there should be more skill put into the game