1. sub

    Amazing shock absorbing technology

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VDeJ7rLUYU I want this for the soles on my shoes.
  2. S

    Absorbing energy

    In one of the DBZ movies goku charged up a Spirit Bomb then absorbed its energy. I think that's a good idea and it could easily be implemented. Once you charge the spirit bomb you could absorb ist energy raising your power level.
  3. imkongkong

    absorbing shots

    it would be nice if you were powering up, if you're really strong ppl wont be able to touch you.. if someone tries to land a beam in you, your ki would drastically decrease.. now if you're really strong it wont take out too much, but if you're about the same pl or even lower, your ki would...
  4. Yazuken

    Cell absorbing ability.

    Well, just like buu can turn people into junkfood and eat them to get his hp back, i think cell should have the ability to absorb people with his tail to gain PL. it would be cool ;D
  5. M


    i think it would be cool if buu and cell can absorb people, but the only problem is thats the only thing that people will do to their opponents unless you make it like buu's food beam or have cell take his tale and stab someone and steal their energy and have buu shoot a piece of himself at...
  6. R

    absorbing beams

    i don't know, maybe it's in the game alrady. If it is, i'm really really sorry. Look, i think when Gohan does his shield and someone (it doesn't matter, an allie or an enemy) fires a beam in to the shield, the shield absorbs it and the shield attack is more powerful.
  7. D

    Looking for me!!!!!! I have my future models releases for you all!!

    hey everyone who has been sending me e-mails and everything like that sorry i have not replyed i was not home during the weekend and went away with me gf on a lil trip, but im back and hopefully since i just got the full version of milkshape i will be making more models for yah all, so sorry for...
  8. D

    cell jr. and absorbing ppl

    in the future will cell be able to make cell jr.s? it should take up a good amount of PL if he could of course and the jr would act as a bot. :) and will cell be able to absorb ppl in his first 2 forms with his tail? makin it to where u gain like twice as much PL than if u were to kill them?
  9. V3g3t@


    i think it would be nice and handy to absorb or pushing a ki atack with your hands so if somebody shoot at you you can stretch your hands and take the blow and absorb or push against the atack and the character would slide back i little bit back Greetz v3g3t@
  10. S

    Absorbing or pushing away an attack?

    I'd like to know if in beta 1 you could absorb a beam and fire it back, or just charge your strength and punch it in another direction? it would LOVE to see that it would be such an excellent feature, like when freeza form 2 attacks piccolo and he just throws it right back at him, ownage :)
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