1. phrack50

    ESF - Celebrating 10 years of absolute greatness!

    Earths Special Forces - Founded in 2000 by Mastasurf ESF Alpha 2.0 Released November 2001 ESF Beta 1.0 Released November 2002 ESF Beta 1.1 Released May 2003 ESF Beta 1.2 Released May 2004 Open Beta 1.3 Released August 2008 I just wanted to say thanks for keeping such a great...
  2. $sj Goku

    The Absolute way of fixing beam spam

    Ok i came up with this idea today after getting pissed at some nub called "LOL" who was spamming in the same server i was in... Here it is.. Ok if you notice when a beam explodes you can see the explosion.... but if you are in the area around the explosion you can still* take damage...
  3. Escobar

    WIP layout

    http://invis.free.anonymizer.com/http://www.geocities.com/wogasmjs/Main.jpg crits and comments plz.. crits r important, but remember this is still very WIP
  4. ZuL

    ZuL model

    Actually, it's not done, I'm only posting a progress pic here to show you how far I've come with it. First I made it a statue, without the arms, and now i thought "Why not give him arms and legs and all that... He will look cool!" So here he is so far. Continuing tomorrow (late here :tired: )
  5. Effigy

    The Absolute Last Time AMV

    After 2 threads and no luck finding a host that wont screw me over 15 megs through uploading a 16 meg file on 56k, i have completely given up on my high quality high caliber AMV that many would enjoy.. so the alternative was to make a crappy 900k REALPLAYER (*.RM) version of it as a 'preview'...