1. O


    is 17 going to much stronger than Cpt.Ginyu buddy?s?
  2. O


    what attack`s 17 is going to have
  3. I


    dont worry im still working on Tien and Uub... but another idea came to my head as well... ANDROID 17!! i figured ill do a android pack with 13,14,15,16,17,18,19.. and ill make an android called android zero that regenerated these androids... well he'res 17
  4. GMan

    Uh.. why is A17 in the end of DBZ?

    I was looking at 'People of Earth Unite' and... 17 is there..? What's that about? I must have missed something somewhere, because I don't recall 17 coming out of Cell when he died.
  5. B

    super a17

    ive started the transformation for #17, super 17 model :S this is what i did so far :S it has bout 300 polies atm ( waaaaay to high imo, should get them lower :S) anyway MORE PICS HERE17a