1. ><((('>

    CAUTION: Cuteness is over 9000

    Yo people :) I hope this video will help you to lighten your mood a little bit <3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uI4je4DMkE
  2. Disguise

    Its over 9000!

    When Vegeta dies, he should say "IT'S OVER 9000!!!!" ^_^
  3. Suh Dude

    I came 9000 times (COD: MW2)

    http://modernwarfare2.infinityward.com/ Oh my ****ing god.
  4. Synth

    IT'S OVER 9000!

    Well, Hib's post count... that is. CONGRATULATIONS! How should we celebrate this momentous occasion?
  5. Tweek

    Majin Buu

    ..Keh i am in the process of makin a MAJIN BUU mdl 4 esf, a V V V detailed 1 at that :laff: and screen shots will b released soon ;D. this mdl will not b available 4 1.1 but in fact 1.2, and will b posted on redsaiyn the same week as 1.2 cums out :shocked: . this mdl as i said will b v...
  6. Optional

    Optional's New Map!

    I am working on my largest and most detailed map ever! It will have no mapping errors at all. It utilizes the whole HL world (well, nearly all...a small area around edge cannot be mapped...). It shall have secrets too :P . I will be posting pictures of the map every once and a while! I have a...
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