1. wheres_

    CHADO-KUN!!! Bleach 239 ***spoilers***

    Omfg, I knew there was a reason I loved him. Let's all hope that Uruhara goes with those three. That will be quite an awesome posse.
  2. Sicron

    [Spoilers]Naruto -- Manga 239

    Well i think this manga chapter let us know how kakashi got his sharingan...obito died(atleast thats what adult kakashi said) and obito says he in an uchiha, so as soon as obito dies i think kakashi gets his sharingan...but what i dont get is...if u look at this chapter it looks like kakashi is...
  3. Shuyin

    Adult Gohan Request

    Ok. Ive checked alot of threads and models of "adult gohan" and the best esf adult gohan i came to it was red clothed gohan. (model above by smo) If anyone can or already has made one that looks as close to this without too many polys then i would be greatly happy.
  4. N

    Red Mystic Gohan

    Well here is a Red Mytsic Gohan model that i have gotten fomr Epedmic Optikz made by azn http://www.geocities.com/sentinel_rage_316/temporarypreviewfile.html?1050551132390
  5. Packed Lunch


    make a piccolo with the white turban and armour plz, or is that being made already?