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    Mega punch combo

    Would it be a great idea that if a player is near a wall ( when you swoop to punch) that you can knock them against it, and perform a few mega punches? The damage would be great, but not too over powering. The player would have a chance before and during to counter it off, or perform a return...
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    Cell's Tail

    but u guys gotta look at the down fall if the tail thing isnt balanced. How quick could you suck up the person? With buus candy attack, it takes awilhe to drain them of HP and great precison in aiming. With cell it should be that the other person, if stronger, can resist ur tail (by showing the...
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    Colour change in CF bar when ready

    Yea good idea, but i never look at the CF bar anyhow. Playing since last jan. I know everyones required PL change :) Just out of my head ill list Goku 1.6mill or 1.7mill - unsure Gohan 1mil Krillin 3mil Piccolo 1.6mill or 1.7mil -unsure frieza 2.0 - unsure oh yeah trunks 1mil buu...