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    More Levels

    I never metioned that I'd like to c a x50 boost ingame......
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    More Levels

    I think SSJ is actually a boost of x50 cause Freeza 100%= 12 000 000 and goku (non SSJ): 300 000-------> maxed with KK x20 6 000 000 and SSJ Goku maxed out = 15 000 000 so I dont think x7 is right and it would be a rather small boost for such a famous legend.
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    Bojack Gohan SSJ2

    gues I'm a little late but here goes...
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    Version out of date....

    K, I've got a little problem here, I also get the version out of date/ diff protocol message so I used the search and here is what I did: I upgraded my NORMAL CS (not this retail stuff) now it says I have version 45/ and I even completly removed ESF from my HD downloaded it from...
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    Little prob

    Many thanks Tepus but WolfJaguar can also be right but I'm gonna try downloading the newest version first thanks again.
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    Little prob

    I'm sorry but I had to wait 7 hours to get ESF then I waited another half an hour for this ****ing slow machine to make a copy of it on CD to transfer it to my faster machine and when I wanted to paly it, it wouldnt work. There's no problem with the install that's for sure but I remeber that my...